Reversible Florals

Florals for spring? So ground breaking! Any one else sick of hearing/reading that phrase? Yeah me too. As true as it may be, the weather lately has not been matching the "April showers brings May flowers" phrase. May had plenty of up and down weather, now that it is June I am waiting for consistent sunshine. … Continue reading Reversible Florals


Target Summer Skirt

Every year I always head to target for maxi dresses and skirts. They always have the best selection and prices. Year after year I get use out of these until I can't stand them any longer, which is pretty rare. Recently I saw the movie Moana with my little cousin who knows every single word … Continue reading Target Summer Skirt

Saturday style

Family is everything to me. The past few weekends have been filled with plenty of family fun, and some not so great weather. The weather kept postponing any kind of days I wanted to take some pictures. So here I am posting some pictures I quickly took at my little cousins dance recital. These 3 … Continue reading Saturday style

Spiked Boxer Braids: Desi Perkins Quay Australia Inspired

  Watch my tutorial on the Desi Perkins Quay Australia promo photo inspiration. The moment I saw this look I knew that I had to try to recreate it! What I used to create the spike pins... Spikes Hair Pins I wore the Quay Australia Vivienne glasses since I haven't ordered my High Key Black Faded just yet 😉 … Continue reading Spiked Boxer Braids: Desi Perkins Quay Australia Inspired

Spring into Grunge

Grunge in the fall and now grunge in the spring. This is a simple look of distressed jeans.... insanely distressed jeans, that sit WAY TOO LOW on me but that is why I decided to pair it with this long tank from Dynamite & this new sweater I picked up from Express. I know what … Continue reading Spring into Grunge

Dynamite Dress: 3 Options, Part 1

Having a basic dress option is key. Personally I fell in love with these simple dresses from Dynamite 2 years ago. There were 2 dresses, one in grey and the other in black, I loved the simplicity of them that I knew I had to have them both. I got SO MUCH USE out of … Continue reading Dynamite Dress: 3 Options, Part 1

RECAP: C&C NYC VLOG It took me long enough to make a video, which was an adventure in itself, but finally posting one! This time I took my friends advice and did everything on my iPhone - this turned out to be a good thing and a bad thing. The good part was it made it easier to … Continue reading RECAP: C&C NYC VLOG