Dynamite Dress: 3 Options, Part 1

Having a basic dress option is key. Personally I fell in love with these simple dresses from Dynamite 2 years ago. There were 2 dresses, one in grey and the other in black, I loved the simplicity of them that I knew I had to have them both. I got SO MUCH USE out of … Continue reading Dynamite Dress: 3 Options, Part 1

Spring Shoulders

The off the shoulder trend continues into the spring, along with this comes the statement sleeve trend. My love for bell sleeves has grown into my love for statement sleeves. I cannot get enough of it, except when I am trying to eat. Then it becomes an annoying trend... but I digress. This cute top … Continue reading Spring Shoulders

Weekend Joggers

Recently New York was graced with a taste of beautiful spring weather. And now the temperatures have dropped. It was such a tease. A tease that made me very angry, especially because on the last day of the gorgeous weather I decided not to take any photos but do attempt to accomplish other things (which … Continue reading Weekend Joggers

Weekend Look 2

On the weekends I am all about comfort, ok let's extend that to 7 days a week. On a rare occasion I am willing to dress uncomfortably for a fashionable look. I wanted to take a different spin on a look that I would normally go to. These joggers are AMAZING. I can really wear … Continue reading Weekend Look 2

Bell Sleeved Sweater, Faux Fur & Leather

Rhyming blog post titles. I told you I'm witty. Last month I spotted this sweater in my favorite store, Dynamite.. where else?? I truly wanted to get this in grey because I have so many black and white tops why not combine the 2 and get grey right? Clearly the shopping gods did not want … Continue reading Bell Sleeved Sweater, Faux Fur & Leather


Athleisure is one of the latest trends being rocked by nearly every celebrity, model, and gal walking down the street. Without realizing it I tend to dress rather sporty, the irony is that I lack any coordination to play any type of sport. Hand eye coordination is not my forte. What I do excel at … Continue reading Athleisure.

Boyfriend Style

Follow my blog with Bloglovin If my personal style hasn't shown by now then these posts definitely will show you that I'm extremely casual. Minimal effort is required to pull off any of my looks because I like to keep things simple, its easier to get out the door and easier for me to decide … Continue reading Boyfriend Style

Cozy Sweater (blanket)

This outfit is from an OOTD I posted on instagram earlier last month. I wanted to show you what it looked like at full length. This is my go to sweater for work, why? Let me tell you why.. Working in an office the temperature is freezing 9 out of 10 times. I am constantly … Continue reading Cozy Sweater (blanket)

Sweater Weather

Fall is FINALLY HERE! I am so excited! First sweater outfit of the season and I'm keeping it casual. This past Sunday I attended the 3rd Avenue Feastival in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. It has become a tradition with my family that we get together. We always meet at my Aunt's house to watch the afternoon … Continue reading Sweater Weather