Made in LA

"I want to live in LA." This is a statement everyone has said at least one point or another, myself included. I was obsessed with the laid back lifestyle, constant sunshine and beaches. Who wouldn't want to live there?? Even going into this recent trip I wanted that dream to become a potential reality. After … Continue reading Made in LA


Soho Stars

I am from New York, more specifically from Brooklyn (proud) and currently residing in the forgotten borough (embarrassed). What may surprise you is that although I have done a majority of the tourist attractions throughout all of my life, there are certain parts of New York City that I have yet to fully explore and … Continue reading Soho Stars

Create & Cultivate: NYC Conference

I found this event when I originally created my twitter, I was looking for other sites to follow & found this cute website where they had a TON of positive and up lifting blogs. This immediately caught my attention, while exploring their site I saw that they had conferences for bloggers... Not only did it … Continue reading Create & Cultivate: NYC Conference

Winter flare 

Bell sleeves have become one of my favorite trends this season. I didn't want to overly invest in them but a few different styled bell sleeves won't hurt no body. Ironically as I write this post I keep having to correct myself when I write the word "bell sleeve." My dogs name is Belle so … Continue reading Winter flare 

Jeans & Fishnets

Before Kim Kardashian disappeared from social media, she hinted at this trend ever so briefly. I was slightly unsure about this trend to be honest here. Wearing such heavily destroyed jeans that looked like denim chaps weren't a trend I really wanted to participate in. Nor would it be something that I would wear. Destroyed … Continue reading Jeans & Fishnets

Game Of Thrones Look: Winter is Here

Since I first started this blog I have been planning this look. I knew exactly how I wanted it to look, so my search began. After the killer season finale we all found out that winter was here to stay... as it has become in New York. Despite the very random spring feeling days, winter … Continue reading Game Of Thrones Look: Winter is Here

Black Friday Online Haul

I hope after a nice 4 day weekend everyone is adjusting to the swing of things. A long holiday weekend filled with non-stop eating and socializing and shopping we all feel like we need a break from things. Can't stop now though, not with the holidays right around the corner! Previously I have posted about how … Continue reading Black Friday Online Haul