New Season, New Bag

Rebecca Minkoff's bags have been my go to since my early 20's. Where I'm from every single girl had a Michael Kors bag. And I mean EVERYONE. As you know I PREFER and LOVE to stand out from the crowd, so I went against what everyone normally had..... and then that became popular. Despite its … Continue reading New Season, New Bag


I love GOLD… Details

Focusing on accessories for today's post. Normally I am not the type of girl who wears a ton of accessories. The simpler, the better in my opinion. Although this past fall/winter season I have really loved layering my accessories. When I got this Bauble Bar collection by Shay Mitchell it really opened up my eyes … Continue reading I love GOLD… Details

Beanie Town

My winter hat collection began many years ago after a New York Ranger victory and I insisted that since they had won I was going to purchase myself a hat. See below the very old throw back when Instagram first came out... Yikes. At the time I had minimal Ranger gear. You'd be shocked at … Continue reading Beanie Town

Hard & soft: leather & faux fur

  For some time now I have been looking for a faux fur scarf.. this past year I have gravitated towards faux fur, and not just in my wardrobe.. but in even in my bedroom. It started with a faux fur pillow, which evolved into a faux fur type blanket and then a year later … Continue reading Hard & soft: leather & faux fur

Backpack, backpack

"Backpack, backpackBackpack, backpack On the backpack loaded up with things and knickknack's too Anything that you might need I got inside for you" Now that I got the Dora the explorer song out, let's jump right into the latest fall bag trend. These did catch my eye early in the season, and to be honest … Continue reading Backpack, backpack

Shay Mitchell’s Bauble Bar Haul

I have heard a lot of good things about Bauble Bar, having searched the site before Shay Mitchell's line I was very impressed with what I had seen and even made a wish list. Once her line dropped, well so did my wallet. Let's jump right into her amazing collection shall we? First look here … Continue reading Shay Mitchell’s Bauble Bar Haul

Seeing RED

YAS HONEY! The sunglasses obsession continues! One of my fashion/style inspirations for this look is non-other than Shay Mitchell. Or as sometimes I refer to her as SLAY Mitchell. She rocked these sunnies on her instagram. AND I JUST HAD. TO. HAVE. THEM. You can purchase these sunnies at Shop Sonix. Lipstick: Urban Decay Temper … Continue reading Seeing RED