Hello World, my name is Sarah and I was born and raised in New York. I graduated with a bachelors in Business Marketing and have always had a passion for fashion. I live and breathe creativity. I have been sketching all of my life and began painting a few years ago. I try to incorporate my love for creativity in every aspect of my life.. From my every day style to a quick hair fix to a creative solution for any problem.

Why did I start this blog? 

Since I was a little girl I always had my own style. I didn’t care if it was summer and 100 degrees, if I was going to wear the Little Mermaid sweater whether it was insane or not. I love to read about everything and anything that has to do with fashion and style, so I am constantly on the hunt for new outfits and inspiration. I kept running into the same problem over and over again.. these clothes or accessories or shoes or beauty products I desired were out of my league budget wise or I just could not find the product period. LIGHT BULB! Why not share my secret of being stylish AND doing it on a BUDGET? I love the challenge of finding a look for less and especially if I can find a product I need on sale or get money off.

What’s in the name?

Ok, so in all honesty I couldn’t settle on a cool name. I was so indecisive about it. Bingo, there you go. Indecisively stylish. Ironically it suites me completely, I change my mind 100 times before I settle on what I’m wearing. Every girl can relate to that moment of “I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR & I HAVE A CLOSET FILLED OF CLOTHES”

My style …

Eclectic and comfortable. Depending on my mood that day I can be any where from girly girl with some pumps (that I’ll later regret wearing depending on the height) to jeans and tee with some sneakers. An outfit that is well put together can instantly lift your spirits and make you feel amazing, add a great hair day and winged eye liner that’s on point and VOILA!

What are some of my fashion shopping secrets?

Since I live on the “ballin on a budget” lifestyle, sales and coupon codes are my secret weapon. I also use the retail me not app anytime I walk into a store or shop online. The Amazon app is my downfall, you can find anything you need or want.
I hope you enjoy reading my blog and have a few laughs while scrolling through!

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