Bleeding Blue Round 2: Hockey gear

It took me long enough to get to another game, but since I love being honest here I will tell you the #1 reason: ticket prices. YIKES! Luckily I was able to get tickets through work. The moment I found out I was going to this game I knew it was time for new gear. … Continue reading Bleeding Blue Round 2: Hockey gear


Weekend Joggers

Recently New York was graced with a taste of beautiful spring weather. And now the temperatures have dropped. It was such a tease. A tease that made me very angry, especially because on the last day of the gorgeous weather I decided not to take any photos but do attempt to accomplish other things (which … Continue reading Weekend Joggers

Zara Wide Sleeve Sweater

Lately I am all about the statement sleeve and the wide sleeve tops. This goes from bell sleeves, to statement sleeves, to oversized sleeves. I love them all. These aren't so meal friendly but thats why we roll up our sleeves to dig into a good meal right? When I saw this on the rack … Continue reading Zara Wide Sleeve Sweater

In Between Weather: Layers

Layers. Its key to almost every in between season. Layers are great to wear because if it gets warmer you can take the bulkier layers off and still be comfortable. Or if it gets a little colder you can add the layers on to stay a little warmer. I've been seeing so many bloggers layer … Continue reading In Between Weather: Layers