Zara Knotted Sweatshirt

Zara is a store that I am forever browsing online but I know that I need to go to the store before purchasing anything. Sometimes things look different in person rather than online, this is the case with Zara. I absolutely LOVE everything that I see online, but getting to a store is another story. … Continue reading Zara Knotted Sweatshirt


Weekend Look 2

On the weekends I am all about comfort, ok let's extend that to 7 days a week. On a rare occasion I am willing to dress uncomfortably for a fashionable look. I wanted to take a different spin on a look that I would normally go to. These joggers are AMAZING. I can really wear … Continue reading Weekend Look 2

Fringe Sweater

It seemed like forever ago that I discovered this website while searching for celebrity looks. Who doesn't want to wear the same outfit or have the same sunglasses as your favorite celebrity? Sometimes it can be a difficult task to find the item, or even a dupe. What I did discover is this really awesome … Continue reading Fringe Sweater

Off the shoulder basic

An outfit inspiration is usually the start of my search for an outfit. I obsess over it until I can find the exact outfit or something extremely similar, never settling for less. My research skills often go deep and before I know it I'll finally score success in finding that exact item. There are times … Continue reading Off the shoulder basic

70’s Inspired: Faux Fur & Bell Sleeves

Never did I think that my attire or style would ever be inspired by the 70's but here we are. Yet another faux fur look. This vest was another item from my cousin's closet which I am having a lot of fun wearing. I may be late on this trend but I'm having fun experimenting … Continue reading 70’s Inspired: Faux Fur & Bell Sleeves

Weekend Look

The title of this post is rather self explanatory. Lately I have been having fun wearing these leather leggings, not only are they comfortable but they change the entire look compared to regular leggings. Normally I hate not wearing a regular shirt with leggings because I preferred to be covered, finding comfortable tunics that don’t … Continue reading Weekend Look

Something Pink: Faux Fur, leather & suede

Before I even begin writing about this outfit, I have to thank my really amazing cousin Erika for lending me this jacket. She is one of my go to girls when it comes to fashion, we have somewhat similar styles in that we like to dress sporty but we love to dress girly and fashionable … Continue reading Something Pink: Faux Fur, leather & suede

Bell Sleeved Sweater, Faux Fur & Leather

Rhyming blog post titles. I told you I'm witty. Last month I spotted this sweater in my favorite store, Dynamite.. where else?? I truly wanted to get this in grey because I have so many black and white tops why not combine the 2 and get grey right? Clearly the shopping gods did not want … Continue reading Bell Sleeved Sweater, Faux Fur & Leather


Athleisure is one of the latest trends being rocked by nearly every celebrity, model, and gal walking down the street. Without realizing it I tend to dress rather sporty, the irony is that I lack any coordination to play any type of sport. Hand eye coordination is not my forte. What I do excel at … Continue reading Athleisure.