Winter flareĀ 

Bell sleeves have become one of my favorite trends this season. I didn't want to overly invest in them but a few different styled bell sleeves won't hurt no body. Ironically as I write this post I keep having to correct myself when I write the word "bell sleeve." My dogs name is Belle so … Continue reading Winter flareĀ 


Rebecca Minkoff Booties

Warning! Warning! This is a splurge alert! In my spare time I like to browse items online that I cannot afford. It passes the dull time in between moments at work when it is incredibly slow, sitting in a waiting room, avoiding doing any adult task necessary or my absolutely favorite being anti-social. Rebecca Minkoff … Continue reading Rebecca Minkoff Booties

Jeans & Fishnets

Before Kim Kardashian disappeared from social media, she hinted at this trend ever so briefly. I was slightly unsure about this trend to be honest here. Wearing such heavily destroyed jeans that looked like denim chaps weren't a trend I really wanted to participate in. Nor would it be something that I would wear. Destroyed … Continue reading Jeans & Fishnets

Game Of Thrones Look: Winter is Here

Since I first started this blog I have been planning this look. I knew exactly how I wanted it to look, so my search began. After the killer season finale we all found out that winter was here to stay... as it has become in New York. Despite the very random spring feeling days, winter … Continue reading Game Of Thrones Look: Winter is Here

Beanie Town

My winter hat collection began many years ago after a New York Ranger victory and I insisted that since they had won I was going to purchase myself a hat. See below the very old throw back when Instagram first came out... Yikes. At the time I had minimal Ranger gear. You'd be shocked at … Continue reading Beanie Town

Catching up… Repeat Offender

The month of December can easily become the never ending list of things to do. From holiday shopping to holiday parties and preparing for the end of the year celebrations, it is like the energizer bunny. And that is exactly what had happened to me. Being a bit of a procrastinator can be a good … Continue reading Catching up… Repeat Offender