Girl on the Floor: off the shoulder

I've decided to bring back this series of photos because I said so. Although they look like it is easy to take, they really aren't. I love a challenge so I will be determined to perfect this pose/outfit photo. But let's get to the reason why I am posting this photo. The shirt. The top:  I … Continue reading Girl on the Floor: off the shoulder


Weekend Look: The Grinch

The above series of photos I have dubbed "the girl in the chair." A series you might be seeing often. Any way, this has become one of my go to weekend looks for when I mange to not be anti-social like the grinch. This sweater from Express is in such a beautiful color and I … Continue reading Weekend Look: The Grinch

Red Velvet

With every outfit there is always a story or a series events leading up to where you wear a certain outfit. This one in particular has a humorous story, I suppose. This beautiful red/wine velvet romper was purchased way back in October for my birthday. Now I will mention again that I like to plan … Continue reading Red Velvet

A little bit of sparkle for the New Year: NYE look

I like to plan certain outfits ahead of time. My birthday, Halloween, Christmas and New Years. I never know where I am going but I sure as hell know I am going somewhere. This look I've been plotting for some time, again it's nearly 2 weeks away and I have no idea where I am … Continue reading A little bit of sparkle for the New Year: NYE look

Holiday gift favorites

Holiday gift shopping can either be fun or dreadful. Sometimes I tend to push this task off until the last minute, we're all human it tends to happen. This year I attempted to get everyone's wish list a month prior. I kept telling myself "Yes! This will be the year I'm not running around scrambling … Continue reading Holiday gift favorites